Welcome to Global Meals!

Global Meals provides home delivered meals to consumers across all 88 counties in Ohio. We offer a wide variety of frozen, refrigerated, and shelf stable meals including dinners, deli café, breakfasts, soups, and specialty weeks like European favorites. We are also accommodating towards religious preferences and modified diets such as Kosher, vegetarian/vegan, low sodium, and gluten free. Check out our menus and see available funding sources to quality for home delivered meals in your area.

Our home meal delivery is perfect for those:

– Who want delicious, healthy, ready-to-eat meals
– Desiring an independent life style
– Recovering from an illness or hospitalization
– Managing a chronic disease

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Or call us now:
Toll free: 1-888-928-2323
Columbus: 614-252-4813
Cleveland: 216-292-2003