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Global Meals provides great-tasting, nutritious, home-delivered meals to seniors, disabled, and individuals in poor health who may be eligible for Medicaid Waiver or other government funded nutrition programs.

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A New Generation of Home-Delivered Meals!

• Meals are delivered all year round in temperature-controlled vans.

• Our drivers are friendly, motivated, and highly trained. Our professional and caring customer service people round out the team by addressing clients' issues and questions. 

• Each consumer receives a welcome packet with their first delivery that includes our menus, nutritional information, FAQ, and enrollment papers.

• After consumers are enrolled, deliveries will start within seven days of receiving the referral.

• Shelf-stable meals are available for emergencies or upon request.

Drivers are trained to call the Global Meals office to clarify any concerns or change. If consumer missed the meal delivery for any reason, we will try to do our best to re-deliver the following week, with case manager's approval.

Sophisticated software allows us to adjust consumer information within seconds to allow for prompt deliveries and building convenient routes.

Please contact us with questions or to request a meal sampler to be sent to your agency.

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Toll free: 888-928-2323
Columbus: 614-252-6508
Cleveland: 216-292-2003