AboutPicEverybody has a story, and so do we.

Our story began in 1989, when our family emigrated from Eastern Europe to Columbus, Ohio. A couple years later, our parents followed us. We worked the American Dream from morning until night in our Deli cafe, leaving us little time to help our aging parents.

We understood their need for healthy and nutritious meals in order to stay independent and in their own home, but at the same time we wanted them to have the opportunity to keep their ethnic preferences in choosing meals. We wanted to provide our parents the types of meals they themselves made for us in our childhood.

In 2005 we turned this desire to provide ethnic meals into a solution for everyone who needed healthy and delicious meals that made them think of home. Our first meal delivery route was 16 people, most of whom still receive our meals. Twelve years later, we serve more than 3,500 consumers, with a team of professional and experienced employees and large facilities in Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio – serving satisfied clients throughout the states of Ohio and Indiana. All of our meals are heart healthy and diabetic-friendly, made from scratch, and will leave you feeling cozy and nostalgic.

Clients choose from our Comfort Meal Menu, which has six weeks of delicious, flash-frozen meals. We also have meals available in Low-Sodium, Vegetarian, Gluten Free and European Favorites. Some customers may choose our Kosher Meals (available in standard, no red meat, vegetarian, vegan, and pureed). We have expanded services from our local ethnic community to a statewide level and beyond, but we are still a family-owned business, dedicated to serving the people who need it the most…often those who cared so greatly for us. Try our meals and you will taste the difference.


Olga Slivnyak
Founder of Global Meals